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Re-Imagine Your Marketing

One of the most compelling focus points every MSP should be thinking about during these times is from this headline that I stole from a webinar presentation I was recently hosting**.

To begin with, I think everyone will agree that business is not as usual due to this pandemic. While the IT industry has experienced some positive upticks in many areas of business, it’s apparent that the customers’ needs have changed along with their spending priority.

A sound marketing strategy today will certainly promote work-from-home, remote learning and security solutions, but it’s also important to take a more supportive and empathetic posture.

So, what should MSPs do first to ‘re-imagine marketing’? First, review your marketing message. Does it promote work-from-home, cybersecurity and remote collaboration themes? Ensure your message reflects these needs and why it is important. Understand the uncertainty that many customers may be facing and develop offerings that are accommodating.

Every MSP by should be updating their web site, social media accounts, blogs and marketing collateral to reflect this new message. This is not a time to be silent as many areas of business are still buying and seeking out solutions. Hire a marketing resource if you don’t have one already.

Next, get creative and seek out great ideas for reaching your clients and prospects. Some MSPs have turned to hosting virtual happy hours or lunch-n-learns. One event was a hosted virtual cooking class featuring a celebrity chef, sending out packages containing all the ingredients to attendees prior to event. The same has been done with cocktail kits or simple lunch delivery.

There are no shortage of great ideas and I would enjoy hearing about these from you. Email me! You will find that virtual events are also less expensive to host than on-site events. Engage your vendor partners and distributor for funding; you have to be proactive on this one.

Shift to virtual events. Our days of showing up on-site to shake hands, take to lunch or conducting a face-to-face meeting will be far fewer. This means more meetings will need to be planned virtually.

Enhance your own virtual presence by upgrading your mic, camera, and lighting. Most every business today has more experience with video meetings and will judge your company by your ability to demonstrate. The quality of your virtual presence matters and is a direct reflection of your company. Make it a good one!

Lastly, leverage the channel programs and resources provided by your vendor partners and distributors. Seek out ready-to-go customizable marketing campaigns that provide content for generating leads based on today’s needs. These channel programs include collateral for digital marketing and resources to help you execute.

Don’t be ashamed to take content from these channel programs and ‘make it your own’. Grab the content, revise the copy, customize and make it unique to your company. Another reason for having a marketing resource that can help develop content.

* * * * * *

I will continue to provide additional insights and best practices for IT/MSPs during this time. Stay tuned to learn more about how your peers are managing through this COVID-19 crisis and what they are doing to not just survive, but to also grow.

About the author: Tommy Wald is an MSP business consultant and author of “The MSP CEO: Your Guide to Building a Successful Business.” Tommy may be reached at, or go to

** Discussed during Part-3 of my webinar series titled “MSP Road to Recovery”, sponsored by SYNNEX Stellr. Many thanks to panelist Paula Euse, Head of Marketing for UDT (Miramar, FL.) who shared with us how their company has shifted their marketing message to better fit these times.

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