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MSP Channel Training

While the strategy of developing an MSP channel can be very successful for the vendor, it is also challenging and expensive.  It is critical to have the right message and offerings targeted to the right subset of MSP. 


My experience of having talked to and consulted with a multitude of MSPs provides an insight to this market that will help the vendor in being more efficient and effective with their channel investment resources. 

MSP Channel Consulting




The MSP channel represents some of the best technology partners for vendor solutions.  They have the skills to deploy and support these vendors' solutions.  There is also a lot of competition for this MSP mindshare and their business.  


MSP CEO helps vendors and distributors better understand the nuances of this MSP channel and how to go about accessing this market.  You want to understand how a business owner thinks and MSP CEO gives you that perspective.

Consider how your channel team would be more effective if they could:

  • Have a deeper understanding of how MSP business owners make decisions.

  • Develop channel support programs that are more impactful for MSP partners.

  • Have a higher return on investment from events and initiatives.

  • Provide quality content and panel sessions at industry conferences.


For private equity companies, MSP CEO provides an introspect from the perspective of an expert MSP business owner and investor.  MSP CEO understands the levers of MSP business owners and their motivators.  Investments are optimized when there is an understanding of culture and consolidation considerations.


Whether you’re trying to establish, grow or invest in an MSP channel you will have more knowledge and experience going in to it with my advisory. 


Contact me today to discuss and request references. 

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