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Growth Assessment

My Business Growth Assessment provides an independent, expert assessment of your overall business.  I will review all things related to your business including financials, organization, sales process, back office and service delivery.

The outcome of this assessment will provide you with a simple and impactful survey of where you need to focus your efforts and a prioritized list of recommendations for making immediate improvements. 

MSP Business Growth Assessment


Growth Assessment

This is an entry level assessment of the MSP to determine your ability and capacity to advance to the next level of service offerings.  MSP growth requires a certain level of capability and wherewithal in order to make the investment needed to take it to the next level. 


This Business Growth Assessment will provide you with valuable feedback on being prepared and to understand the resources, staffing and finances required to take the next step.  This will be key to ensuring your efforts are successful.

During this assessment we will focus on each of the functional underpinnings of the MSP practice and their operational maturity. 

This includes:

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Service Delivery

  • Financial

  • Back Office

  • Leadership


We examine and discuss each of these areas with the business owner and key team members.  I develop recommendations for improvements and prioritize next step action items. 

You provide:

  • Organization Chart

  • Profit & Loss Statement (Previous Year & Year-to-date)

  • Balance Sheet (Previous Year & Year-to-date)

  • Sales Agreement & Contracts

  • Access to key team members to interview and collect information.


I provide:

  • Summary Assessment of Functional Underpinnings of MSP.

  • Recommendation for strategy on developing NextGen service offering.

  • Personal consultation with business owner.

This is a highly recommended first step for MSPs that are wanting to move their business forward.  It is an affordable and efficient exercise to ensure you have all the right ingredients for your NextGen offering.


The MSP market is evolving and moving. Are you moving with it?


Call me today for a complimentary consultation.

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