In today’s MSP market, the key is to differentiate yourself from your peers and competitors.  We have to sell higher into the IT value stack and have discussions around the business workflow. 


MSP CEO helps the MSP develop a practice around specific verticals or technology solutions; evolving to what is referred to as a NextGen MSP.  This positions the MSP to generate higher margins and attract higher valued clients.

The process for developing a vertical is not based on templates or one-size-fits-all services.  It requires a lot of effort and a solid commitment by the business owners and executive team.  This effort though results in the creation of a unique offering that will lead to a solid foothold in your market.  The gross margins generated from a vertical or technical specialty will lead your portfolio of service offerings.


Examples of vertical offerings may include accounting, legal, healthcare, manufacturing, construction or non-profits.  It may be a specialization such as Managed Security, Workspace as a Service or other customized go-to-market playbook. 

MSP CEO helps the MSP determine which vertical(s) to develop, develops the strategy and leads the project for implementing within the MSP business. 


This project is for MSPs that have achieved a certain level of operational maturity and profitability.  A sound commitment of resources, talent and finances is required to be successful.


Contact me to discuss if this is right for your MSP business.  I will be glad to share with you a high level summary of the key phases and steps for developing a NextGen service offering.